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Otter Woman

by Stanley Brownstone | Score: 1650

someone is pregnant with someone sele's baby while at the sweden winter olympics rachel farmer was on a path to obscurity after trying to make a turn in the event of skeleton as a skeleton racer. while her fiance who is a sensitive laboratory technician is still with another woman, rachel forces herself to retire from olympic skeleton racing as well as other circuits in the sport of skelton as her doctor ordered her to.

Six hours ago depression hit rachel like that wall she ran into on the turn collided with her at the sweden skeleton track. she have been feeling soemthing inside of her head which doesn't make sense when she was on the computer scrolling photos instead of dealing with them the voices in her head is where she looks at the otter from her computer from a different perspective. 

but when the otter bits rachel in her right arm, she realizes the otter was real giving her moments of headaches that is when the fear of missing out with her fiance coming from inside her head giving way to the otter's spirited fierceness from rachel's head to her toes.
the fierceness inside rachel propels her to fly without going back on the skeleton track where she give up by early retirement. but the life of an olympic skeleton racer comes back to empower her setting her free from her ordeal with everything that's bothering her. 

meanwhile rachel still must have a prescription for the medication to relieve herself from the pain after the olympics ended. the side effects 

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