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Warrior Cats fanfic(this is boring)

by Me | Score: 4900

Firestar sighed, remembering the time Tigerstar tried to rule the forest. The time, his half brother, Scourge tried to get revenge, and he did, killing Tigerstar. He remembered the time as a kit, when he would chase a ball around, in front of his owner.  And, now, he's dead, fully. No longer in Starclan, after dying for the second time, during the Great Battle. He sighed, looking for Greystripe again. As a spirit, he couldn't be seen, not even by Starclan cats. Or Dark Forest cats either, making it impossible for him to ever be seen, unless the cat had died a second time as well. He padded into the camp, and he laid on a bed of moss, the one once occupied by his former mate, Sandstorm, and now by his daughter, Squirrelflight.  He was clearly upset, missing everyone he ever loved. His only kin left were his grandchildren, one of his daughters, and her mate. He does have more kin, from Cloudtail, yet they were all so separate, and they never felt like kin. Now, in the end, his bloodline might end, with Jayfeather and Alderheart being both medicine cats, and with how many battles Thunderclan has been going through. He shook his head, hoping, just hoping none of his family could see him, none, hoping they didn't fade, they didn't die again... "I miss you all..." He meowed, looking up at Bramblestar and Squirrelflight, tails intertwined, and muzzles touching. He smiled, fading. 

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