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I don't care of this story

by Anonymous | Score: 3050

The swish of water licked at the shores of White Gull Bay. The crying of something like gulls sounded in the air of the isle, except it was not gulls. No no no, a sinister air laid over the isle with the sound of something like gulls crying, something that screamed with the sound of those ocean sky rats, but it was not gulls.
Sailors screamed into the sky with an fettering cry for mercy as they were whipped into the water. As they were yanked from their rotting ship and ripped into the water, the source of their terror awaited them.
A deal had been made with these ocean hags, a deal for safe passage through the isles, a deal meant for the sailors of these waters to freely pass without worry. In exchange, there would be a feeding given to these dank murky creatures of the ocean depths,
Turns out the original forebearer of this deal had given into the temptations of these dirty beings that lurked in the waters, for his ferocity of making deals had led to practically trade away his life. All that perhaps remained of him were bones buried in the sand.
And so instead of the promised feeding mentioned in the original deal, these voracious eaters of the sea decided to make a feeding on the first passing ship. Flail, swing, and try as they might the sailors could not escape their coming night.
All their hope seemed to wash away in the shores as holes riddled their decrepit ship, when suddenly...
Boom. Boom. Boom.
Under the crimson tide that lapped the remains of the ship, a strange booming sound echoed from underneath.

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Location An island
Words Reach 100 words
Event An important deal falls through
Character A ferocious leaflet distributor
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Event There's a strange noise

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