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crack business

by kaylee tedder | Score: 7200

BANG! Carl's 2 month old baby went into the bedroom and stole his gun. The baby was outside shooting the dog because it  bit her really hard and made her sad. But none of the shots hit the dog because she had terrible aim. The dog was mad though so he went inside and bit Louis Partridge. He died.  Carl was so sad when Louis died that he searched his room for memories and he found an old candy wrapper. He took it to the police to see if it was actually Louis's and it was. But it wasn't actually a candy wrapper, it was used to carry his drugs. Carl was so proud of Louis for trying to pass down the family drug dealing job. But he still needed someone to carry on the legacy so he went and talked to a distant friend of his that was a clockmaker. The clockmaker used his clocks and hid crack in the back of them and would sell the clocks to his clients. The business was so clever that it became super popular and he wanted to improvise. So he started making wristwatches and also hiding crack in them. He felt so lucky that he went to a maternal craft person and had them make a cheat code to win the lottery. Once he got the cheat code he went to the casino and won the lottery. But he didn't like the shape of his money so he cut it all into circles and triangles. A sports coach loved what he was doing so he went to the president and convinced him to change the paper money into circles and triangles. Then Regina pulls out a bow and shoots 20 people that were working for the clockmaker because she didn't like that he was better at selling drugs than her. Then she hacks into his computer and finds data about how he hacked the lottery. So she brought it to the police station but they saw the blood on her shirt and arrested her so the clockmaker was still undercover. Then a respectful dentist gives the clockmaker 100,000 jars for his drug dealing company. The clockmaker got extremely mad because the jars were too big. So he took a fork and killed the respectful dentist with it. But then Regina breaks out of prison and realizes everyone in the whole world has to die except her and Leo decaprio and her pet pig. So she took a bunch of bombs and kinda just threw them everywhere and blew up the whole entire earth. So her and Leo decaprio go on a spaceship and fly to a different planet that has the perfect size jars for clockmakers company. But regina remembered he was dead and got sad. So she went back to earth grabbed a superficial mortician to perform a ritual and bring everyone back to life. When he brought everyone back to life she got annoyed so killed everyone with her jars. Then the whole world ended again and she got sad then died in an airplane crash

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