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The Dead Calls

by Laraine Blythe | Score: 2050

Isa Jane walks on a bridge in a deserted street at night. The air is has a crisp snip to to it as it bites her ears and nose. Isa hears a slight noise from under the bridge, "Help! Help me please!! Is somebody there?" Isa bent over the railing and looked out on to the water, there was a women in the water crying out. Isa took off her warm coat, gloves, scarf, and hat and threw them aside. She got up on the railing and yelled out, "I'm coming! Don't worry I'll be by your side in a moment! Just hang on!!" Isa took a deep, shivering breath and jumped from the bridge into the bone chilling water. The coldness took over Isa as she tried to escape the suffocating water that over took her lungs. Isa couldn't take it any longer to try and get to the surface so she gave up. Her body lay face up in the water, eyes open, mouth frozen shut. The woman had disappeared into the darkness. Isa rose up from the water floating. Isa looked around unable to talk but watching as a hundred or more ghosts emerged from the water. The woman floated over to her and laid a cold hand on her shoulder. "Now you are one of us."  

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