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Spring orphanage

by Anonymous | Score: 2300

She looks at the imposing size of it all. When she's away from it she feels almost freer. The hill she lays atop looks out at the vast land that surrounds the orphanage. On the outside, it looks almost quaint. The birds are merrily chirping and nature is in full bloom as all the insects have busied themselves with the chores of spring . The sun overhead shines brightly amongst the place as if it were shining heaven's light upon it, but of course, that place is far from heaven, at least that's how Elenor feels. She makes her way through the fields in the garden, her morning chores always feeling like a vacation away from the dreary place she lives in now. Bright berries pop out among the vines and he picks them with ease, making each of her steps slow. These were the only times she got to herself and she loved them. "Run!" She spots a younger man whom she's never seen before say. "What is it, sir." She yells after him and quickest her pace to catch up. " There was a dreadful thing hiding in the bushes. I swore that it had claws and its fur was surrounding it." He says with fear.

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