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All day he’d been experiencing the random bouts of vertigo and nausea. Over the last year or so, he’d come to realize that they coincided with the seismic activity to the north. Nothing of any significance had hit yet. There were conspiracy theorists that said the continent was going to split itself in half because of all the mining in the midwestern plains, just like they’d said twenty—thirty years ago now—that California was going to fall into the ocean. He didn’t believe it. His house had settled a little of the last eighteen months, and there were these blasted bouts of crazy vertigo that made him feel like the world was turning left when he was going straight forward, that a few actual rumbles that made the windows shake in their panes. But the continent cracking in half? Hardly. 
He steadied himself after the last bout that had nearly sent him into the wall as he was walking down the hallway to his office. This morning was particularly bad, and when a slow, inaudible growling came up through the earth below the building, he suddenly understood why.
Tornados were one thing. Storms, wind, hail, those were all things a person could hide from, take shelter from; but when the ground began to shudder and then to shake in earnest and then buck like one of those wild horses his uncle used to break, he had the most gut-wrenching feeling of terror and helplessness he’d ever known. When the earth collided and turned, there was no where to hide. 
This earthquake was probably only a four on the Rhictor scale—or whatever that thing was that measured seismic events, but it felt like hell was rising. There was no where to hide. No place was safe. No basement or storm shelter was going help now . The world would be pulled down around them and there was nothing he could do.

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