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Human rights

by Anonymous | Score: 2000

My word I couldn't believe it when we achieved peace.  It almost seemed impossible to get rid of Trump. I am a black woman trying to  fight for the rights of out country and my name is Rudy Amos my brother was killed trying to let the world have peace he rounded a bunch of people and we fought with signs and gathered people to yell for peace, but the ANW didn't care for rights. They drove by and shoot my brother with a bang not caring who they shoot.  I ran after the car, but there was nothing I could do. Those morons didn't care at all. I walk into a store and can't even buy clothes because of my colour, I want rights for black. Black lives matter. I ran towards a wall when I got hit with a bar of soap, wash yourself dirty the guy who threw the soap yelled. I was so upset I threw it back at him and I thought if we cannot fight with signs we can fight war!  I demanded another vote and said if you dont allow a vote then that means you are being mean to your people and you are showing them you are a bad leader. He of course said you cannot tell me how I rule, but a vote came a few months later and we got another ledear.

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