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Before the fall Lucifer wasnt that strick. He always made sure of his brothers safty, That hasnt changed. But still he has gotting pretty sassy. I dont know what lillith was like but she seemed nice. 
Mammon was really smart. He loved to take care of his younger brothers and have fun. He saved his money to buy sothing big each month. He wasnt the smartist butwas pretty bimbo-like.

Levi was a normie who loved the outdoors, He would attend social events and somtimes bring his brothers with him. Levi seemed to love talking to other people.

Asmo was always kind and liked to help all other look nice. But he was never one to take care of himself like he did others. Asmo got his joy out of makking others happy.

Satan was a very enterjectic perosn. He wasnt to into animals then. But he spent lots of time watchig movies and having fun. He loved music a lot and had a passion for singing.

Beel was the angel who loved to be up to everyones standerds. He didnt eat alot but he loved to share. A little to much actually, He was so focus on making others happy all the time he never seen his love for food.
Belphie loved to stay up late and spend time with his twin brother. He loved to make friends on the outside world and was really peacefull.

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