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The handyman continued

by Anonymous | Score: 1850

Rodney the child was born. Son of Philip "The Handyman," Rodney was the impetus for Philip's posthumous fame. Philip The Handyman was the star of the XXX industry. 

Philip wore safety goggles over his belly button and a utility belt at his hips, his banana poking out of his pelvis like an unadorned nose. And though this face was always ready to go go go, it was his own face that he would never let captured by a camera. Philip, in his stately position, had declared war on the XXX industry, so he could only participate in it so long as his face was never shown. Of course, his clo

-> he's a pornstar who doesn't want his face shown
-> he's a monklike pornstar because he tries not to have sex outside of the shoots
-> he's become something of a figure because of this

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