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Marble Hills

by BP | Score: 1900

Todi was late. 7:50, on the dot. That’s AM mister. Mr. Hanson’s voice echoed in his memory. He could almost see his red face. Feel the spittle on his eyelids. He had a legitimate excuse. Two, actually. But he knew neither would be accepted. With any luck, Mr. Hanson would fire him outright. Give him his papers—or whatever it was you were given when you lost your job at Marble Hills Amusements—and told him to turn around and go home.

Sweet release, Todi thought to himself with a smile. Summer had just started so the two weeks he’d lost to orientation, training, job shadowing, and a thousand other humiliations could be forgotten and forgiven so long as he got to do whatever he wanted.

The door slammed shut on his car and with it went the delusion that losing his job would be anything other than a disaster. His mother would never forgive him. And his dad… Well, perhaps working 8 hours a day an hour from his uncle’s place—which was three hours from his dad’s—wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

The lines were already growing like weeds through the parking lot. Families, screaming kids, screaming parents, group trips with their coordinated shirts and bedraggled chaperones. Nightmares scared him less, and he’d had his share since starting the job.

Sarah caught a glimpse of him and smiled. She’d been waving people in, doing the best a sixteen year old could do to coral hundreds of people

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