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TFG: A Cityscape on the Deadzone

by A. Bounds | Score: 3400

The furthest the United States went the last time one of these creatures attacked was a state of emergency. We lost the entirety of New York that night. In one fell stroke, a single crystalized beast leveled an entire city and was only stopped by the use of nuclear weapons as it stood gloating over its capacity for destruction. Now, there were two of them, funneling out of a tear in the sky, floating there and mocking us.

Commander Norman of the New York Deadzone border camp had placed us all on high alert the moment the drones detected the anomaly. We stood, in full combat gear, waiting for the call from our superiors on what to do. The most we got were some vague orders to move into the city and defend it. Nothing about attacking, nothing about scouting the enemy, just stand there and play babysitter to those on the border of the deadzone. The edge cities were slated for evacuation after the nuclear strikes, but not many wanted to leave, nor did we have any place to send them to. it wound up being a location where the poorer people stayed as a way to find cheap housing and cheaper jobs.

We drove into the city with our gun-topped transport trucks and pulled a basic perimeter around the city. The residents did not like that. Saw it as an incision from the government no matter how we tried to explain what was going on. I clearly remember a prostitute screaming at a different squad who had walked too close to the front of one of the buildings, spewing profanity at the soldiers who didn't even want to be here. They screamed right back.

We didn't learn till later, but there was an emergency senate meeting called during our escpades. They declared war on the crystal creatures. We stood there doing nothing the who

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