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Time is a Bomb

by Anonymous | Score: 7450

The noise echoed throughout the house. It was nothing like anything I'd heard before. It sounded something like Heaven; something like I believed Heaven would feel like in all my years yearning for it. I walked down the stairs, passing the years and years worth of art I had collected over the years. I never knew whether or not it was worth something; whether or not I was worth something. Life is so strange in that way; you never know who you are until the last moments. I realized that, watching my grandma cook breakfast for me one morning. She was cooking grits and eggs and bacon for me on a school morning; I had to go soon, but still we chatted. She was telling me about her life before she had my mom's oldest sister. When I look at my grandma, I wonder if she thinks that she has lived her life to the fullest. I know she knows Death creeps across her kitchen at night. I wonder if, when I am her age, I will feel my life is complete. I wonder if I will ever accept death as it comes for me. I lay on my safety goggles as I finally step outside. And there he is. My boss. I should have known it was him; Heaven speaks his name, after all. He is touchy. Emotional. You can never be sure what sets him off or puts him at ease. Apparently, something I did recently has set him off. "You're fired," he tells me. His voice is not gentle. "You're gone." I stare at him, unbelieving. But that's okay, it's it? When my life is over, I want to feel as though I have completed it. I turn over my arm to look at my wristwatch. My time is running out. The clock is ticking on my life. On all our lives. My boss is swept out the door by the hurricane that is his own emotions. I say nothing. Sit down. Try not to think about anything. I try to think of everything. And suddenly it hits me, while I think about my grandma's wrinkled face, her gray hair that is in a perpetual ponytail. I think about the fact that she takes care of people that are older than her. And I think about the fact that maybe she has time left. My grandpa, a construction worker, does not have time left. I knew this when I saw his heart monitor on Christmas Day, strapped to his forearm. I stare at his gray hair, thinner than it used to be. His drawn, wrinkled face. The exhaustion behind his eyes. I think about how he used to be, when I was a kid. He was a fighter, always. The exhaustion was not behind his eyes back then. Trying not to think of Death, I climb up the stairs. I decide to take a shower to steady myself. The water is running over me, the soap, the shampoo, God I wish everything were different. I wish, I wish my grandpa were not dying. He had a seizure the other day and his body cannot handle anymore of this. I remember being a kid and being so dedicated to him, being a baby crying in his arms and I think I want to go back. I have never wanted to go back and re-do my life; my mistakes are my mistakes and there's nothing I can do about it. But I want to go back, suddenly, to be a kid in my grandpa's arms again. I think about the noisy fundraiser we went to together for our church; we were always at church together. he was never the religious type, I know he wasn't, but still, I wish for that time like I wish for death nowadays. I wish the clock wasn't ticking. I wish it were ticking faster. Maybe I can detonate the bom. i don't know. I don't think it mat

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