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Valentine lmaoooo

by ur mom | Score: 5600

I stood at the edges of the doorway, feeling the soft raindrops spatter onto the deck. In my hands were the comic books that Tae lent me. I was planning to go return them to him today, but it looked like the weather would not permit me to. The clouds were darkening, filling in the blue skies. The air around me was getting cold, and I felt my skin tingle. This reminded me of a scene in one of the comic books--Sailor Dreams. The main character was a warmhearted sailor who dreamt of sailing across the world. His name was Valentine. What a romantic name it was. He ran into several obstacles, mainly bad weather. One time, his boat nearly explodes because the weather had gotten so hot, the container of propane on his boat was reaching its disaster point. Somehow, he managed to prevent it using a tomato. It was such a plot twist and unexpected--and probably defying science. I was very surprised when that part came up. Ever since that scene, I wished to be like Valentine--someone who can turn the unexpected into a learning experience. 

There was a time when Valentine went onto an island and met a drunk art historian. It was an interesting encounter, as the two were incredibly different yet hit it off great. While drunk, the art historian jokingly entered the lottery, promising to use the money to upgrade Valentine's boat. Surprisingly, he actually won! Now Valentine's boat had an air conditioner, which will greatly help him when the weather gets too hot. 

The art historian also taught Valentine a lot about the areas around the island, and recommended a peculiar way of fishing. He was of great help, and Valentine would never forget about him. To pay him back, Valentine got the art historian together with a distant pharmacist, whom the art historian fancied. The art historian was overjoyed, and from that moment on, the two of them knew they would remember each other.

One day, Valentine was on his boat when an airplane crashed into the water.  H fh ff d f f f f f f f ff f f f f f. ff f f f f f f f f f f f. f fg.  g g gt t t. tt t t t. t t t t t t t t t t. tt t. t tt t. t t t t t t t tttttgd r 

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Event Something explodes
Character A warmhearted sailor
Prop Include a tomato
Letter Use the letter V
Words Reach 200 words
Character A drunk art historian
Event Someone wins the lottery
Prop Include an air conditioner
Letter Use the letter P
Words Reach 300 words
Event An airplane crashes
Words Reach 400 words
Prop Include a candy wrapper

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