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Short Story

by BumbleBee | Score: 850

Kohen bolted up as he heard his mother yell for him to get downstaira “ Coming mom!” He yelled down trying to sound awake, quickly he got dressed and went downstairs, “ You’re hairs a mess” his mother said in a irritated tone, “ Yeah I’ll brush it when I’m done eating breakfast” Kohen said in squeaky voice; As he finished breakfast and said goodbye to his mother he ran out the door quickly; “ Darnit I’m so late for school!” He ran to the front doors of the school that was a few minutes from his house and entered it quietly, as he entered his classroom he saw his teacher, Mr Delverin calling out names; Kohen sat down as quickly as possible; Mr Delverin called out his but hadn’t noticed Kohen was late and  finished calling everyones names, During class Kohen saw his friend M

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