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The Corrupt Society, and life of Ally

by KW | Score: 2900

My grandmother use to say that 150 years ago, life was better. She said that the crops grew, and no one fought over water, and clothes. 
I think that she has just grown old, and senile. Yet, there is still a  glimmer of hope that shines somewhere in my soul, buried underneath all of the knowledge that I used to teach my students everyday. 
I miss my class. The government needed the children for the war, and so school, and any education concerning me and my peers, was outlawed. I wish that I could even just read them one last poem, or one last book. 
Why must society be this way? What I'd give to see the smile on dear Suzy Mitchell's face, when she spelled the word 'Caterpillar' correctly, after trying for two weeks. 
I am well aware that sometimes I may have come off as rude. Like that one time, Bucky Stevens spilled soy sauce on my favorite book, 'Little Women'.  
I want to kill the Dictator.  He fuels my once softened hard, with burning hatred. I will kill him, and all of his loyal followers. Why do I have to live in such a time, even in my old age, I wish I was younger. I wish that I was still full of hope, like how I was in my youth. My past job as a distant business consultant, or a performer wan't nearly as joyful as teaching those children.

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Character A distant business consultant

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