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The Broken Deal

by MR | Score: 2050

I slam my hands on the table since It's the only thing I haven't destroyed yet. My office is trashed by it doesn't matter. Everything is over. 
The entire fate of Brago was dependant on this deal and at the last second Valont pulled out and the deal fell through. 
We were all good as dead now. Nothing could save us.  ¨Sir-¨ 
¨What!¨ I screamed, cutting him off. I knew I wasn't right to yell at the intern, especially since it wasn't his fault, but I wasn't thinking clearly. 
My vision was littered with black stops since I hadn't slept for four days, my palms were sweaty, and my head was pounding. 
¨Do you want us to call for evacuation?¨ The intern asked hesitantly. 
I thought for a second, which was hard because I was hardly able to keep my emotions in check. ¨Yes, do that.¨ 
He nodded, ¨Right away, sir.¨ 
I just hoped that we had enough time to evacuate before they attack. 

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Event An important deal falls through
Words Reach 50 words
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Words Reach 50 words
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