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They met in the forest

by RomanticVibez | Score: 5150

    Abby is in the woods. She sees a ghost. She slowly backs away from the ghost and hides behind a tree. She pulls out a tissue box and throws it at the ghost. It disappears. Abby runs away into an old shed. In the shed she sees a zealous shoemaker sharpening knives. She walks away. The winter is long and extremely cold. She sees how polluted the forest is. A ruler, a tablet, a spice bottle, are all lying on the floor. She chatters in the cold snow. She sees another shed. An immodest inventor named Zach welcomes her in the shed. She sighs happily being in a warm house. There are sirens in the distance. Abby asks the inventor what it is. He explains that there were angry hunters using paint to vandalize trees and kill animals. They were quite angry with other people the woods. Someone is knocking at the door. Abby tries to tell the inventor not to open the door, but he does anyways. Outside is his son, a delivery driver. Abby falls in love with him. The inventor made a deal that if Abby could take care of the son, she could live with him. His name is Matt. Matt takes Abby up a snowy hill for protection. He gives her his ski jacket. An airplane crashes and creates a fire below, where the hunters are. The hunters get close to the shed, and they know they cannot come back. They don't sleep for days as they keep on walking towards a land. They live off the tomatoes growing in the snow.  They see a town. With the money they still have, they rent a place downtown. It has two floors and a cozy living room. Abby and Matt are quite happy there. They see many people pass by, a television presenter, a teacher, and people with no job. People are barbequing with spatulas and tongs outside. She wishes to see the town. She wishes to be with matt forever. Abby finds a piece of paper in matt's jacket pocket. It has an address of a family member. She asks matt about this. Matt says that this is the address of his cousins, the rhinos. They walk to their cousins house. As they're in centre square, they only see each other. Everything else stops. As they happily go to the cousins house, Matt introduces Abby. His oldest cousin, Michael, is a methodical roofer. His Older sister, Lilly, works at the pancake palace and always has a bottle of syrup. His youngest cousin, at 19, Noelani, is a diligent aircraft engineer. She invented a flight suit.  Abby curls up with Matt at the campfire, reading a book together. They both cant resist and kiss each other. They go together for a few years before Matt and Abby get married. Abby and Matt have one son. They name him Zach. 

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Begin Start typing to begin
Words Reach 50 words
Words Reach 100 words
Words Reach 200 words
Words Reach 300 words
Event Everything stops
Prop Include a bar of soap
Letter Use the letter M
Words Reach 400 words
Event Sirens sound in the distance
Character A methodical roofer
Prop Include a bottle of syrup
Character A diligent aircraft engineer
Letter Use the letter B
Event Someone has a world-changing idea

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