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The Beginning

by Anna B | Score: 2900

First, there was Nothing.

Then, a flash of light.

Then, there was the Beginning. 

Trees, grass, ponds, lakes, and many other things.

Then, there was the Mother.

Kind, loving and caring Mother.

The Mother created Man.

Man was curious and charming.

Mother loved Man.

Then, there was Disaris.

Beautiful, but cunning Disaris. 

Disaris saw how much the Mother loved Man, and was jealous.

So Disaris created the Wheel. 

She kidnapped Man, and trapped him in the center of the Wheel. 

When the Mother discovered what Disaris had done, she was furious. 

She rushed to Disaris’s castle and begged her to set Man free. But Disaris refused. 

The Mother was desperate. So she told Disaris that she would trade places with man, sacrifice her own freedom for his.   
Disaris thought about this. Man would be free, but she would have all the powers of the Mother!

So Disaris agreed.

In a flash of light, the Mother was in the Wheel, and Man was free.

But the Mother had one last gift.

As she cried, her tears changed and took the form of a man-like being: Woman, an exact copy of the Mother.     
Man fell in love immediately. He had a child with Woman. They named her Rossetta. 

Since Rossetta was the child of a thing of Mother, she had the powers that a Mother did. She wanted to set the real Mother free. 
So Rossetta set off. 
After four days, she arrived at Disaris’s castle. She came in, and found the Mother in the Wheel. 
Rossetta tried to set the Mother free, but Disaris caught and captured her. 
Rossetta was taken to a chamber, where she was chained to a pole that was made of a mix of iron and steel. Disaris used magic to make the pole lower slowly until it was submerged in the lava underneath it.      
Rossetta struggled against the chains, but the more she did, the tighter they became. After a few hours, she gave up.

In five days, the pole was almost touching the lava. Rossetta slumped in defeat: all hope was lost.

After nine days, Disaris came to the chamber. She grinned wickedly: Rossetta was gone.

Disaris had no enemies.

But little did Disaris know, Woman and Man had another child. They named her Sequoia, after the tree that grew plentiful in the forest.

And that child, guess what?

That was me. 

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