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I don't like Tabasco anymore

by Tony Hadders | Score: 1600

At the beginning I didn't know what to think of it. Either I was going to have to punch out that dentists perfect teeth or ask her how it was to kiss people with teeth like mine. She was attractive, I need to acknowledge that. But her persona was of the worst kind. You know, that kind that is smiling while telling you that your whole family died in a plane crash, then stroking her hand in your shoulder and saying it's all going to be fine, just fine. Luckily, the trouble I was in was totally imagined, as I had let my mind wander while I was waiting for my gate to open.
She sat right across me in the big noisy waiting hall and seemed to be a reserved dentist.

So I had more than a trouble that was fully imagined. I had two. I had a serious, real problem. Earlier as I was walking from the taxi to the airport entrance I was stopped by a man who seemed to hade emptied a spice bottle in one chug. His face was flaming red and his lips almost purple. Judging from his clothes, he seemed to be a stereotypical redneck. "You wouldn't have a suitcase filled with all necessities?" he asked. I looked at my suitcase filled with all necessities. "Yes I have" I replied, rather confused. "Thank you man, really appreciate it" he said and vanished into thin air, as well as my suitcase. In its place on the pale concrete pavement there was a small bottle of Tabasco. I took it up, looked at it and felt my confusion turn into irritation. Then I felt my left eyelid started twitching I knew that it was to late to not make a scene. I yelled at it without words, so it was more of a long throat-ravishing scream.

I calmed down as soon as I noticed that a pregnant woman was standing next to me. She stared at me, leaned towards me  and whispered "You need to see a mortician, a respectful one".
I passed out.
When I woke up I was halfway laying down in a big seat inside of the big noisy waiting hall. Realizing that my gate was close by, I relaxed and saw the woman across me. Those teeth was to perfect, she ought to be a dentist.

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