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by Azurys | Score: 2500

The steady tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock of clocks marking the time was the only thing that broke the sound of the empty clock shop. The owner had locked up for the night at 6:00 precisely, which was now almost 4 hours ago. Simultaneously, the clocks reached 9:59, then 10 o'clock. Dozens of sounds broke the stillness, from the chirping of a cuckoo clock to the great bongs of the old grandfather clock. The clocks soon resumed the monotonous tick-tocking. But... somehow... it was slowing, the beat becoming more irregular as time wore on. A light outside was growing, glowing brighter with every second. Finally, all the clocks ground to a halt just as the light shone through like daylight. The streetlights outside gave one final burst of light, then all of them shattered, scattering broken glass over the cracked pavement. Above the clock shop, the stars winked out, one by one. Their fire had stopped burning. The moon grew darker as the sun died out on the other side of the world. The walls trembled, the strain of the roof becoming too much for them to bear. The roof itself slid off its nails; they'd stopped holding it up. The clock shop, and the buildings on the block around it, fell apart from the foundations up.

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Event Everything stops
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Event A glass shatters
Letter Use the letter G
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