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1st attempt (word vomit)

by toops | Score: 3000

For most people, the birth of their first child is a monumental occasion. When I was born, my father held me, and for a moment he was filled with love and devotion. And then came the sleepless nights and the responsibility, and suddenly the vows he had made when I  was being made weren't as strong. The things he had to give up to be a dad just didn't seem like an even trade to him.
 I didn't expect to see him again after he walked out all those years ago. I didn't want to see him again after t
hat. And yet here I am. Angry. Sad. Alone. As I stand in that vast room. I was invited here to stand among strangers, people I never knew or heard of as we all gather around his casket. Why
do I feel this way? Why can't I just let him go. I see the similarities between us. The curve of our nose. The crease in our brow. As I look at photos of him pinned up on a corkboard I see we share the same laugh lines. I see them creasing his face. Watch them multiply as he ages an
chest aches as I see him being happy long after he had gone.
He had tried to reach out to me before he died. Tried to see me one last time as he lay dying.
I didn't go.
I know why I didn't go, but everyone keeps telling me that I should have. That I should have given him one last shot, hear his last wishes, make amends and heal all that had been broken between us. I wouldn't. I couldn't. I didn't want to.
So as I stand in that vast room filled with people who l
loced the man who was never a father to me I can't help the burning in my chest, the acidic anger that threatens to eat me from the inside out when a woman I have never seen presses a locket into my hands.

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