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"Im sorry, you just got me really curious now. But you don't have to tell me."
"I dont even know if you'll believe me honestly."
"Hudson almost didn't. Or at least the guy that found me in the woods didn't"
I just stared at him expectantly.
"I... I wasn't born a werewolf like you all were."
My eyes widened in suprise. As soon as I realised the face I was making, I tried to switch to neutral but he had already noticed.
He laughed. "See, aparently I'm pretty rare."
"I'd say. I've never... I mean, I didn't even think..."
I didn't want to actually finish that sentence because the truth of it was I had always heard that if a human was infected with lycanthropy they would go mad and die but now I wondered if that was just a scary bedtime story to make us extra careful not to infect them. It wasn't the easiest thing to do. Our saliva had to get into a human's blood stream, and enough of it that their defence mechanisms couldn't just fight it off like an infection. And that pretty much only happened through a bite, and if a human got bitten by a werewolf, often times they just didn't survive to shift anyway. 
"How?" was all I could manage.
"It was a year ago. I was dating this girl in my class. She hung out with this sort of outcast group of kids. I just thought they were cool, excentric types. Turned out both she and they were werewolves." he shrugged. "They never said anything, but one night, I guess she thought it would be funny if she bit me."
"Oh my god... It wasn't an accident." 
"No... they waited for a full moon actually. She bit me right before sunset. It was fucking weird. I was pissed because one second she was kissing me, and the next, her teeth were just in my neck. I thought she was one of those vampire wanna

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