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Thieves Are Not Heartless

by Monsieur Alexandre | Score: 3650

Have you ever stopped to consider the smell of a rose? There's not much to it, for a rose has no smell of any significance. 

A glass shatters, the sound bloodying a most beautiful silence. Sometimes, things weren't meant to be pondered. A thief doesn't stop to ponder what exactly will happen as they commit their crime.

Just like this one, James McManus. He's a professional thief, as he likes to call himself. He hasn't the time to ponder the smell of a rose, for he has never stopped to smell one. He ponders stealing.

He ponders the shape of the metal used to create a fork, and how much this fork will get him at the pawn shop. He ponders how much a margarita glass will get him. He ponders how much a cheap glass plate has been used before he places it in his bag. 

A lot of things come into consideration, but not the kind you'd normally think. He takes into consideration the families he steals from, and all the things he steals from them. How important was that item to them? Will they miss it? What if it was an heirloom? 

He stops and examines the drawings made with cheap dollar store markers. The box of the markers is left on its side, useless to everything around it, markers spilling out everywhere. They pour out of the box like darkness pours into light. He cleans them up.

So, he has concluded that this house has children residing in it. Are they sleeping upstairs? Do they have one parent or two? Is the child a good one or a bad one?

He ponders many things, but what use is it thinking of people you're going to hurt? He's been through this routine many times, stealing from happy families who deserve better.

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