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Random Earthquake

by Anonymous | Score: 3100

Rock concerts always hit your right in the chest. You could feel the vibrations and the rumbles from anywhere in the venue. It doesn't matter what seat you had you could feel it all. Banging your head to the drum beats and feeling in sync to those around you. You wouldn't assume simple rumbles that were going through the entire building to be an earthquake. It was almost imperceptible, blending into the ground shaking music, the jumping crowd and the crowsurfing. But when an earthquake hits you tend to panic. The lights flash on, and not in the strob lightshow that you expect. No, the bright flood lights flash on and everyone stops, making it seem as if the world itself paused. The lead singer is being whispered to by a man in jeans and a dress shirt, sleeves rolled up, most likely a managing director. You can see the assistants running around in the background trying to move equipment and pack up. You can hear the crowd murmuring, as the talking picks up the lead singer turns around, leaning forward slightly with his guitar swinging behind him. He speaks into the mic, the voice that was just growling now serious. "everyone needs to evacuate, there is an earthquake starting and we need to get to safety below." People start to panic, you can hear one girl start crying as her group tries to calm her down. The managing director walks back to the stage and takes the microphone from the singer. "Everyone needs to form a single file line to the marked emergency exits. We will take shelter in the hallways of the building. Don't panic and don't push. The security guards are here to guide you." His direct tone signaled his experience of dealing with different types of people. Peopler start moving at a fast pace to the exits. trying to be the first person out and not have to worry. The ground starts shak

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