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by Jennings Alverson | Score: 3500

Leoni's brother is in prison. She wonders if he will end up rotting there like so many of her old friends have. Should have seen it coming, judging by the way everyone she loves keep falling like flies.

Fingering the key chain that was a gift of that one friend that betrayed him not so long ago, she breathes out a sigh of disappointment. What had happened to them? Once, they were bright minds waiting to be molded by those they trusted the most. Her brother had been an artistic man, keen on collecting clocks, making and repairing them. It had been his idea to change the acceptance exam in hopes of the children inducted in the program could make it further and further in life without premature deaths due to unprepareness.

So many changes had been his, and now he is rotting in the depths of the horrible prison. A tube of toothpaste of special brand and flavor sits in her bathroom sink, and beside it a toothbrush of special make. Her brother's. The people she works for call her sentimental. Perhaps she is.

Lillian, so nice and warm and kind, helps her get settled on her new job quite quickly. A hast decision after her brother's imprisonment.

She hates it. But this is her life now. U

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