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by samia bibi | Score: 900

I was a person who always thinks that life is easy but my experiences show me life is to live happily.  I wanna tell you some of my stories about my life experiences which made me better and wiser. I was in my grade 8  my friends were so cool. They always get a A grade in exams. My teacher gives the topper student a sheet syllabus for the scholarship papers. The person who got 60% marks will give the exams but my friends cheated on me. They didn't give me the sheet paper they said  that only the person who gets 75% marks in exam will give the papers. I was so sad, I didn't expect it from my friends, then we broke with each other no more friends but I didn't lose hope. I got 90% in my board and got A grade that is the result of my experienceand I am happy about it.

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