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The EarthQuake

by Anonymous | Score: 1800

The sudden shaking of the ground was completely unexpected: I had no idea what was going on in the slightest! I let go of my pasta strainer and decided to just call my mother as she was still at home while I was at work! No answer... What was happening, I was generally worried, so I looked at the stoic clockmaker just above my counter and sprinted out, honestly worried for my life. The earthquake was killing me and I didn't even know what was happening. No one was answering my calls and there was absolutely no one in the streets! " U are crazy!" was what was being shouted in my ears non-stop as I jumped over the bridge, to reach my hide-out as fast as I could, I finally got there... My Treehouse! I found my computer and was so happy to see it fully on and functioning! I looked in m to see a passionate traffic warden winning a lottery

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