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He frowned, straining his ears to listen. A whimper, barely audibly above the rain and howling wind. It's coming from the corner so with careful movements as to not scare them further he creeps over.

There curled into a tight ball was his little brother. Tommy looked impossibly small, hands clasped over his ears in a sad attempt to block the noise. He looked pitiful. Something or rather someone's, tugged at his heart, the urge to protect his pact rising.

Techno reached out to place a hand on his back. Tommy flinched violently, snapping his head up to glare at him with wide, fearful eyes. Although the tear tracks down his cheeks along with the redness of his face took away from the intimidation factor. He raised his hands placatingly, noting the way Tommy tried to shrink. 

"Are you okay?" He asked, trying to make his voice as gentle as possible. 

Tommy scoffed, face twisting into a grimace. "Never been better big man." His voice shook slightly. He must have looked unimpressed as he brings his hands up to violently scrub at his eyes. "Fuck off, I'm fine."

"You're crying alone in the corner of the library," he points out. This time he doesn't get a response, only a weak glare. "No need to be like that. It's okay to be afraid of storms."

Tommy flinches. "I'm not fucking afraid of storms! What kind of pussy do you think I am."

Techno fixes him a bored stare. 

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