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by kingoffankids | Score: 1900

What's honestly most surprising to Nathaniel with regards to the situation immediately following the war, which the Guild undeniably waged and then undeniably lost, is not that the Guild's members (former members, he supposes) decide to come back together (many of them once again called back to the organization by the same man who called them in originally, though this time he calls them back with the intention of making them a *real* family, tied together by loyalty instead of duty). Rather, he realizes as he stares out of one of the many windows in the spacey kitchen on the ground floor, looking out across the lake on whose shores this house is build, what surprises him the most is that the Guild's former members are somehow capable of having quiet days.

It isn't even a Sunday. Even when he first originally joined the Guild, Nathaniel has never done any amount of work on a Sunday; it was his only real condition he refused to bend on when Francis first sought him out, and despite Francis very much giving off the aura of someone who would protest such a demand... even back then, before the fall from the Moby Dick which irreparably shattered one of his legs, leaving him needing a cane for the rest of his life and the rest of his life, and Francis the man himself undeniably forever changed, the great business tycoon had allowed Nathaniel's request with a wave of his hand and a smile.

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