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by Anonymous | Score: 4600

that was an extremely loud sound. A sound of an explosion. David found himself on the floor surrounded by broken glass all over the place. He felt something strange has happened but could not tell what. When he saw his wife Jasmin trying to pick him up the floor, he realized he has gone deaf. 
It was scary, but he could not tell at the moment how serious it is, the only thing he though was ïs this something that will stay with me? but there was o time. he had to follow Jasmin to the exit, to leave the exploded place as fast as possible. For all that he can tell now, there was a bombing. 
He thought for a minute that civilization has come to an end, but as they both got out of the restaurant they went to celebrate their anniversary, he realized that its just the restaurant that has come to an end. 
His leg hurt, very bad. He could feel that there was something wrong. As he looked down he realized a fork was inside his body. 
an artistic occupation therapist has arrived, he hard a man yell from the other site of the exploded place. What it really means he could not understand, only that a therapist has arrived. 
The same therapist was wearing a pair of water googles, and passed him one as well. "Its for the second explosion, so your eyes willl not hurt" What?! why would there be a second explosion? he asked himslef. 
BOOM! another one…. 
David went blind this time, so he panicked as he heard the second explosion.l 
Zooming out go the event, he thought of the zoo the previous day he vent to see with his wife. He remembered the Zebraz very well, since he could not tell the rule of their stripes. Of course, since the married couple lives in Manhattan, they have never ever come cross a zebra. 
But this was just the beginning. he realized bottles all over the place, breaking into small peaces. Actually, he didn't saw it, but rathe bewared it since he has gone blind. 
But perhaps it was a lamp

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Begin Start typing to begin
Words Reach 50 words
Event Your character goes deaf
Words Reach 100 words
Letter Use the letter F
Event Civilization has come to an end
Prop Include a fork
Words Reach 200 words
Character An artistic occupational therapist
Prop Include a pair of water goggles
Event Your character goes blind
Words Reach 300 words
Letter Use the letter Z
Letter Use the letter B
Prop Include a clamp

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