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Haunting Silence

by Jennings Alverson | Score: 1500

He can't hear anymore. There are no birds chirping in the morning, there are no creepy sounds in the middle of the night, the door no longer creaks whenever it opens, and the tea pot no longer hisses when it is being boiled.

There's only unsettling silence that doesn't go away. And he should be more sad, he supposes. But he can't help but feel apathetic towards the fact. He should be happy, he didn't go blind, he didn't lose a limb, he didn't die in the incident. Not like other people, other people who won't ever speak again.

It wasn't supposed to end like this, nobody expected it. His job was relatively safe, working on a plantation and everything. It wasn't supposed to happen, nobody should have died, the bomb shouldn't have gone off, the bits and pieces of flesh and organs shouldn't have splattered around, covering everything and everyone in red so deep it was haunting.

He still had nightmares of that day.

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Begin Start typing to begin
Event Your character goes deaf
Prop Include a tea pot
Words Reach 50 words
Letter Use the letter W
Words Reach 100 words

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