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lost connections

by Anonymous | Score: 4000

Salt. The air and her lungs were full of it. Choking, gasping for air. Underneath the bruised purple sky, the ocean had spread out like a velvet curtain. Today was supposed to be the day. Like, the day. A party, a bonfire to be exact, of a few high school alums that had lost touch. Rekindling relationships that were once lost.
Kellan was here. For two minutes. He came by on his junky pick-up truck and carried a six pack of Diet Cokes, then left as soon as he dropped the cans beside me.
"Hey, Allie." His voice was different, as we all were. I wanted something from him. A second chance, or third, or fourth. I've lost track of how many chances I've given him. Too many. I've got to stop doing that, but he's Kellan, and I'm Allie. We're supposed to fit together. Were. We were supposed to.
The bonfire party was built on a lie. Sure, I was a little interested in the lives of my high school friends, but I only did it for Kellan. His phone number. Or any way of communication. Something.
He left as soon as he arrived, the same way he used to enter and exit my life in high school. In and out. Boyfriend/girlfriend, then exes, then back to being together. We were wildly complicated and difficult. That was my favorite part of being Kellan and Allie. We were part of something bigger, a unit of two people that understood nothing about each other, and yet we were the only people we had left. We were explosive and terrifying and I couldn't bear to let him go.
"Dana," I whispered. My high-school best friend sat on her knees, her dress spread out like a hibiscus flower. Another thing had happened since I saw her four years ago: she rested one hand against her swollen belly. "Have you been in touch with Kellan?"
"No, he left a while ago. Why? Did you just plan this thing just to see him?"
I brushed a curl of my hair out from my eyes, pretending to be mesmerized by the beach. I didn't want to answer the question. Suddenly, I was back in high school, back when Dana would act as my relationship therapist, listening to everything I had to say about Kellan. I always had a lot to say.
"Of course not. I wanted to check up on you all. Especially on you. And your. . . baby?"
"We're not finding out the gender until I actually give birth. Nathan likes surprises. I guess I want to be surprised, too."
"Who thought this would be our lives, huh?" I gestured out to her watermelon-sized belly and then to me: broken, imperfect Allie. "You're having a kid in September, and I'm still hung up on 

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