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BSD FW 1 - Good Life pt 2

by kingoffankids | Score: 2000

Tucking himself into one of the chairs near the end of the long dining room table in the room directly next to the kitchen, Nathaniel sets his plate of toast and eggs next to him, finding his eyes still drawn to the lake.

Large glass windows are one of the main (slightly odd) features of most of the ground floor's rooms, allowing for an outside view from almost anywhere you decided to sit. This, of course, was most delightful for Mark and John, whose constant need for something to do (John) or incessant drive towards mischief (Mark) has a tendency to lead them *both* into trouble more often than not, because the windows allow for unobstructed views of the natural world outside, including all of the wildlife which came with it.

It's somehow both incredibly amusing and interesting, just how long the two hyperactive men can sit in still silence, perplexed by the antics of territorial hummingbirds, for instance, or the boldness of the many deer making up various herds within the nearby forests who come up to the windows and bird feeders looking for easy seed to eat, or to drink from the bird baths. Another aspect, another facet of life with these people which makes Nathaniel a little bit more glad he stayed every time it happens and he gets to be a part of it.

So tangled in his early morning thoughts is he, that he doesn't notice the approach of a second person towards his spot on the table until she is upon him. Despite the suddenness of her hands hitting his shoulders, however, Nathaniel doesn't flinch.

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