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The Adder’s Destiny

by Anonymous | Score: 850

“Adderpaw! Get back here!” Adderpaw’s mentor  yowled. “I’ll have you searching the elders for ticks if you don’t come back!” 
  “Oh, mouse-dung.” Adderpaw muttered, and she stalked back to Rosefoot. Rosefoot was a beautiful red mottled she-cat with pure white paws. All the toms were in love with her. But Rosefoot didn’t want a mate just yet. Even if Rosefoot was pretty, she was strict when it came to apprentices misbehaving. 
  “Adderpaw! You know better than that to go running off after a butterfly!” Rosefoot scolded, “You aren’t a kit anymore!” 
  “I’m sorry Rosefoot, I’ll try to be better.” Adderpaw mumbled. 
  “Good. Now let’s get back to camp. Get the mouse, I’ll grab the rabbit.” Rosefoot ordered. Adderpaw went to the place where she’d buried the mouse she had caught, it was a nice fat one. Definitely going to be enough for Bumblefur, who was the newest queen in the nursery. 

The sun was setting as Adderpaw and Rosefoot got back from hunt

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