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anne discovers her powers and scares ppl

by Anonymous | Score: 7200

It could have easily been a regular day at the bank Anne Joy worked at, but it seemed that god had different plans for her that day. As she got to her till, she heard a loud banging noise. It startled her, and she looked up to see that the doors had been flung wide open and three men all in black where standing near the front.

Holding in a hard gasp, Anne covered her mouth. The people waiting in their queues turned and looked at the door with wide eyes, clearly surprised by the sudden distraction.

"Get the fuck down now!" one of the men screamed, waving a gun wildly around in front of him. A woman, nearest to Anne, dropped to the ground with a scared sob.

Anne looked around behind her till as she slid down, grabbing a sharpie as she descended, and looking under her counter for the panic button they were supposed to have. She located it and, keeping her hand as still as possible, used the sharpie to press it a few times.

She waited with baited breath as the footsteps of one of the men grew closer to her. His voice was soft as he said, "come on now, baby, you don't need to be scared." The way he called her baby made her shudder, but Anne stood up slowly, making sure to drop the sharpie.

The man was grinning under his mask. "There we go, doll. No need to be afraid, just hand me over all the money you've gots around ya and me and my commerades will be on our way, ok?" He seemed to be acting gentle and, trying not to die, Anne nodded, reaching with shaking fingers towards the lock on her til.

As her fingers met the metal however, an electric pulse ran up and down her spine. What? For a second, it overpowered her, and then suddenly there was a loud, electric shock sound and she was knocked back several feet. Electricity swirled around her, making her eyes wide.

"Haha, what the fuck!" One of the men said, staring with wide eyes. "quick, grab the money and go. This bitch is shooting electricity out of her fucking hands!"

"there is no time! lets go before she kills us," the one who had approached her yelled.

Anne blinked and then shrieked, extending her hands from her sitting position as electricity spilled forth from her fingertips. 

As the men fled, the people who had been in queues prior to the robbery slowly stood up, staring in awe at anne. She stared back, quiet, afraid of what they might say to her considering the calamity she just caused.

To her surpriose though, they erurpted into cheers. Squeaking out of fear, Anne covered her face as the customers rushed forward, questions spilling out of their mouths. She had no answers.

A woman approached with a small pouch, holding it out, "Look, I stole this. And I want to give it to you so you dont do the same shit to me you did to those fucking robbers. You're crazy."

Anne stared slack jawed, then mumbled, "I'm sorry." As she did, thunder seemed to crack out of nowhere and overhead it suddenly began to pour rain. However, it was only over her and no one else around. The water soaked through her clothes, making her uncomfortab;le.

The crowd stared.

She was a 

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