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I happily live far away

by Jennings Alverson | Score: 4000

He lives in a cold place. There's glaciers, there's snow, and there's plenty animals most people won't ever see in their lives. Sometimes, great storms hit his tiny home, but he never complains. Away from civilization he is happy with himself. Nothing made him more excited than leaving the world which is rigged by fake news, and ruthless horrorful leaders.

"We can repair this." He remembers people saying. His parents begging him to never leave, yet, yet. His life, filled with rumors that ruined him, that ruined everyone he loved. This isn't something that anyone can repair, so he grabs his fishing hook, and has a calm day under the sun as he gets more food for himself.

He falls in love with the sunsets and the dawns, he falls in love with the way the quiet eases his mind, and he hopes it can last forever. Sometimes he thinks about his brother and how much he would want to join him in the quiet. Joy sparks at the thought, yet he knows it's just hollow hope. His brother is in jail for crimes he did not commit, and unless he wishes to join him, he can do nothing to help.

So him, former genealogist, is now isolated from all. And he is happy like this.

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