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by nani | Score: 2150

Ikki did a marathon. It was actually the biggest marathon in the world, but he didn't even notice. "Why is there sooo much people here, it's just a jogging event," he wondered. He won 3rd place, his stamina was on point, like how he jogs everyday. That night, he went into a bar, "man, that was a long jog alright." He took a couple of drinks and eventually gets drunk. The morning, he felt a backpain. "I should go to an acupuncturist," but on the way, there was a gunshot. "We hereby declared war," what the hell is going on, "but if you, young one, choose the right card, we will stop our war." Ikki is beyond confused, he played a little card game with the people, and got a fork." Hey, he can get rich by selling that fork, tough.

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