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I will never be able to

by Anonymous | Score: 4450

I can't see, I won't ever be able to see my mother and father again. I won't ever be able to truly watch the sunrise and or the sunset. I won't ever be able to see a a butterfly, or the seasons change. I will never be able to see the people that I care about the most. 
    Instead of talking with my family I sit in another room, the library. I sit there because I have comfort here. I will never be able to pick up a book again and dive into the world of words. Instead I cling to my plush dog as I feel tears coming down my face, but am unable to see the blurry lines that accompany tears. 
     I was going to work at a book store this summer and even got a name tag and schedule, but because of the stupid drunk driver I will never be able to work and lost my position. 
     I hear the door open and heavy footsteps. I know who it is, but I still flinch. Our joyous clockmaker is here to finish the final touches on our clock in our library. He whistles while he works which I find both comforting and annoying at the same time. 
    I try to remember what my aromatherapist said, just focus on the smell and enjoy what you do have rather than what you don't. Although she is touchy I know she truly cares about my well being which is nice I suppose. 
     I lean in my chair when a sudden and strange noise begins. But after a minute I realize that it is just the clock working and moving to it's own rhythm. I hear my brother Kyle laughing downstairs, and my mother Kate laughing as well. 

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Begin Start typing to begin
Words Reach 50 words
Event Your character goes blind
Letter Use the letter L
Words Reach 100 words
Prop Include a plush dog
Event Your character loses his/her job
Character A joyous clockmaker
Words Reach 200 words
Letter Use the letter Y
Character A touchy aromatherapist
Event There's a strange noise
Words Reach 300 words

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