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Nature's loud Silence

by Prism | Score: 4150

Richard's nose was constantly bitten by ice, knives of wind slicing through his clothing. However, that didn't deter him from standing on the deck of the ship he was on. Ocean was all he could see all around, cold bitter ocean and howling winds, winter was cold. Nella had gone down into the ship ever since the winds started to get violent, he agreed to meet her down there soon. Richard was slightly worried about leaving the deck though, afraid their journey may come to some end if he left the safety to the crew. Though the crew most definitely were doing their job, someone was even in the bird's nest. It was just the fact one of them was drunk, only one, but that was enough for Richard to internally panic. He gave out a deep sigh, a puff of cloud coming out of him, he went down into the ship. After spending about 5 minutes to figure out where Nella was, he finally found their room. He knocked and entered after she permitted, he found her on a sad bed, with an old dog plush in hand, he cocked his head. She told him it was just in their room, Richard was of course immediately suspicious, but Nella calmed him down. She said there was no way the toy was magical, she had checked, along with the rest of the room, though mostly for Richard's relief. He thanked her, and then he somehow got wept into a game with Nella, it ranged from tic-tac-toe to I spy with my eye, honestly just a lot of kid games, but somehow he lost most of them. She laughed and finally ended Richard's torment of children's games, they just sat on the bed, listening to the crashing of waves on the ship, the howling wind that has persisited. However, no voices from the crew, the wind had probably clogged them up like something stuck in a pipe. She murmured that she was tired, and he agreed. They went to sleep, nature's loud silence overtaking them. 

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Event Winter is long and extremely cold
Words Reach 50 words
Letter Use the letter E
Words Reach 100 words
Character A drunk driving instructor
Prop Include a plush dog
Words Reach 200 words
Event Your character loses a game
Words Reach 300 words
Letter Use the letter G
Event Silence

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