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Tart's Magic Adventure

by Anonymous | Score: 3550

The crack of lightning ripped through his library, sending him reeling from behind his study desk. His candy bar teetered away and off the edge in the startled flailing of his arms.
"What in the Great Dippers was that?!" he exclaimed out. His hand adjusted his glasses and swiped away any of his bangs that fell forward. As he got up to observe the new hole forged in the ground, the ground itself made him return to his seat. Violently, with a jerk, the young lawyer crashed into his seat as an earthquake ripped through the building, the swaying causing his stacked books to crash to the ground, smushing his forgotten candy bar.
A bright light emitted from the hole, and the young man couldn't help but stare into it. A soft shimmering sound paired with the light, the light itself a luminescent blue.
Dropped under the desk and holding onto dear life as the ground continued to shake, the lawyer tried to focus his attention away from the light like a moth to the flame.
The ceiling panels crashed, more and more books fell like comets from the high shelves, and here he was doing his best to stay alive and stay focused on the light. What was so important about it? He didn't even know himself.
"C'mon Tart, stay focused dammit!" he said to himself, What was he doing just before the lightining?
Ah yes, trying to find a way to increase his own respect as a lawyer. When the cases and clients began to fail and hurt his career, he decided to turn to other means of improving it. He was almost desperate for anything, including anything that mentioned "magic".
Not that he believed in such things, but he would certainly try his best for it. And so his stack of books was mixed with that of legal practice and the practice of black magic.

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Begin Start typing to begin
Prop Include a candy bar
Words Reach 50 words
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Event An earthquake hits
Location A bookstore
Character A respected lawyer
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