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by Anonymous | Score: 2850

In a world of dragons and destruction, there was only one man brave enough to tame the beasts of the wilderness. His name was Geronimo Stilton, and he was the best friend of Patrick Star. The one quest Geronimo had in mind was to find the golden egg of the the strongest Dragon of all, Queen Quesadilla. He began his adventure on a Tuesday since Mondays are horrible, and wandered into the clerk's shop to get the map leading to the dragon's cave. The clerk sold it for 2 pennies and a compliment, the poor guy, and wished him luck on the journey that would determine his future as a world famous mouse. After carefully analyzing the map, he noticed that the shortest path lay upon the dangerous and haunted Forest of the Little Kids. This forest was a legacy of built up generational trauma and family secrets straight up nauseating, filled with the ghosts of 3 little girls with the entirety of their mouth gruesomely ripped open and then stitched. The message being conveyed throughout was the psychopathic mother who wanted a quiet house so much, that she went to the extent of sewing their mouths closed to keep the peace and quiet of the dark secret filled home. Geromino, being a mouse, was completely scared at the idea of going through here, but quickly deemed it irrelevant to his goal and traveled there. As soon as he stepped into the haunted land, giggle filled the atmosphere as the 3 little girls started running away and leading him upon a path, that got him face to face with the evil mother who had a Justin Bieber haircut. He figured out her weakness of the children and with the purest of intentions got the children to overcome the stitches and shatter her soul with their yells. The family legacy was crushed, the children got their justice, and Geronimo went on to the cave.  There he found Queen Quessadila laying down surrounded by the one and only golden egg upon a radio , that was playing a creepy warning tune as a disclaimer to any threats. Geronimo, never one to listen, carried on and swooped the egg right before the sleeping dragon's eyes, and right as he was about to get away with it, he met the eyes of his best friend, Patrick the Star. The confusion immedtialy got freplaced by a feeling of betrayal as Patrick shot him, stole the egg, and became famous. 

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