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Writing practice #1

by Connie Allen | Score: 1600

The night air carries snow and strong gusts of wind warn me of the upcoming storm. Despite this, I am sweating. I am atleast a 30 minute walk from the closest ?? and my car has stopped working. Inisde the car, shielded from the wind is my fiance. I know she doesn't know how to help me, but I am not an expert with cars and to be quite honest I would have preferred the help. I open up the bonnet and steam rises up into my face. I stagger a bit and attempt to squint at the engine for a better look. Well.. theres no fixing that. Better to attempt walking now than to be stubborn and end up walking later. The stomr is coming. We need to go. I walk to the passenger side of the car and open the door. "Honey? we're gonna have to go outside and walk." She looks up at me incredulously. "I am not going to get stuck out in this weather!" 
"Look, sweetie there's no way around it I don't know how to fix the car and I can barely see it anyway"
She is glaring daggers at me now and I
 wonder how long she will stare when she whips her head to the side and says.
"A real man knows his way around a car..."
Breathe in... breathe out...
"Well sorry but I know that if we stay without any heating that you'll wish we had found somewhere to sleep

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