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Dundee and the Vines of Fortune

by Anonymous | Score: 6050

Dundee panted heavily as he raced through the  jungle, the humid heavy air making any kind of exercise already difficult to do. His training as a paramedic had him ready to be on the move, but his training had also done little to improve his already lackluster skills. He had made it, he had passed the exam, but his overall medical skills still needed a lot of work.
Still, the crocodile ripped through the huge ferns that blocked his way, the sweat glistening off his scales as they fell like dew drops onto the plants. He had heard something, and that something that definitely heard him. There were no screams of killings, or any crack or snap of something that lurked. No, Dundee had relied upon his instincts for years. It was just enough to get the mediocre scalie through training, enough to get him by as a child for any food, and enough to get him through an adventure today. His instinct had told the carnivore something was amiss in the air, and as he started to run is when he heard it. Some strange sound had ripped through the air behind him, no utteral growl or terrifying scream, just a strange sound.
Well, Dundee would not be having any of it.
"This meat is not for you" he exclaimed to whatever would-be force was chasing him. He dared not look behind for he could feel it was there, chasing him still. Any pause would give this thing after him a chance to sink whatever it had attached into him.
But, in taking the time to even mention anything, that strange sound rung into the air again, this time with an aroma Dundee could pick up.
/There's no way/, he thought to himself.
He knew that scent. It was a scent he had experienced a number of times himself - especially in a situation that involved using a seat belt for leverage.
The aroma hung as heavy in the air as the sound - or maybe because it was getting closer. Dundee refused to look forward....but he felt it. His own exhaustion was catching up to him as fast as this creature was. He squinted and yelled as he tried to muster whatever strength he had left in his legs, ripping through plant, brush, everything that stood in his way. His large crocodile body had scales, and those stood to protect him from any scratches that would normally be inflicted upon normal non-scaled fleshies. His furry friends would probably become tangled, but certainly not him. He had certainly become tangled with them once or twice on occasion.
Crack. Crack. Plfbt.
His thoughts had distracted him, and he could hear whatever it was almost to him.
Plfbt. Crack.
/What in the hell are those noises?!/ he thought to himself. It wouldn't matter soon anyways, whatever the creature was would soon catch up to him. With a last summon to whatever he had left, Dundee closed his eyes and took a dive towards the ground.
Crack. Plfbt. Crack. Crack.
Dundee held his hands over his head and kept his eyes closed, trying to protec the length of his mouth as well. He waited, wondering what exactly would happen next.
And he waited, and waited. The creature still made noise, but nothing happened to Dundee.
With 200% assurance to himself he might die upon looking at whatever was near him, Dundee mustered the courage with visible shakiness to look upon the creature.
It was...a ball. To him, he saw a ball anyways, and it was not just a ball. Although it was round, it had tentacle vines whipping around it - all over it in fact!
"Well it is about time I caught up to you!" this creature exclaimed to Dundee.
He was wordless. Did it speak? It was trying to catch up to him?! Of course Dundee would run, he didn't know what was chasing him but he didn't want to stick around and find out!
"Come now, we should talk." It wasn't as if this creature had much of a mouth, no it was still just a ball. Yet it was just talking, and Dundee could not tell if it was any form of telepathy or not.
"Just to be clear, and I'm just saying this to make sure things don't get mixed up, I have

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