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by Stan S. | Score: 2800

The detective looked down at the body and he couldn't believe that she was dead. He had only known her for a short time but in that time he had discovered that she was a very loving woman and that she would give anything to help out another person. Shit, she would give anything to help out any living thing.
He knew that he should step away from the case since it was a little personal, but it wasn't like they had been romantically together.
They had only hooked up for dates a few times, which didn't deem it worthy for him to step away.
Anyway he wanted this case because he wanted to find the person who could be so heartless to kill such a great person.
He stared down at her again and he felt sadden that he would never get to start a romantic relationship with her. She definitely seemed like the person who could take him out of his slump of missing his wife.
It had been three years but it still seemed like it had just happened yesterday.
With Stephanie he felt, for the first time, free of the emotions he carried with him of missing her. Now those feelings will overpower him again and the only way that he will be able to suppress them is working twice as hard. This time his hard work was also a mission to discover Stephanie's murderer.
The coroners placed Stephanie's body on a stretcher and wheeled her away.
For the first time, he realized that he didn't know anything about her family. He didn't know who to contact. Everytime they had gone out, they both refused to talk about their past significant others and their family members. It wasn't something that they had planned, it was just something that happened. Cy looked at her house and knew that his next step was to go through her things to find out more information on her. This was the first time during an investigation that he felt strange going through someone because unlike the 

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