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Jake, The Man Who Ruined The World

by Anonymous | Score: 4500

Superpowers are something of extreme interest. We love to fantasize about heroes going and saving civilians, but for Jake on the 12th of December 1939, this became a reality. Overnight Jake had gained the ability to scream into people's minds. He loved utilizing this ability on his touchy barbarian of a younger brother.

He would always use his power to make his little brother believe that rhinos were taking over the world. His brother would scream and sometimes would get so exhausted from the situation that he fainted. But following an extreme scare on a late Saturday, Jake's brother lost all his memories.

When Jake learned of what had happened he ran away; not wanting to stay and see the consequences of his un-cautionary actions. While on the run he comes across an uncertain delivery driver. The driver's name is Griswall Grim, and he needs directions to Gordo Gratto. Jake gave Griswall directions, and in return, Griswall gave Jake a personalized playing card.  

Griswall leaves, and then Jake looks at the card. It's not card, but a check for negative thirty-seven dollars. Filled with rage Jake plots his vengeance. Jake goes on a mad rage and goes hunting for Griswall, to scream insecurities into his ear. His prime target on Griswall was his pair of water goggles that were green-brown.

All of a sudden Jake hears Griswall cry for help. Griswall has gone mad from the torturous conditions Jake has forced him to live in. And all of a sudden Griswall dies of a heart attack.

Having now been the cause of a death and the eradification of a persons whole memory Jake returns home, and lives the rest of his days as a cynical careers advisor.

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Begin Start typing to begin
Event Someone gains superpowers
Words Reach 50 words
Letter Use the letter R
Character A touchy barbarian
Prop Include a rhino
Words Reach 100 words
Event Important data is stolen
Character An uncertain delivery driver
Letter Use the letter G
Prop Include a playing card
Event Your character plots revenge
Words Reach 200 words
Prop Include a pair of water goggles
Event Someone cries for help

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