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Found pt. 3

by N. R. Borg | Score: 1600

I pull back and look at his face with a look of terror. I grip his arms and I whisper, "What about Jenny? What happened, is she ok? Take me to her! Alist-" "Whoah, Keira! Calm down! She's fine! Well... if you could call that fine. What I mean to say is that she's alive." I let out a small sob, and he pulls me to his chest. "Oh Silver." He whispers. I step back and wipe my eyes. "Can I see her?" "Yes." He smiles. 
Taking my arm we once more race through the hospital to Jenny's room. I ease open the door and I see her pale face. "Jen?" I say cautiously.  Her eyes flicker open. "Keira?" She says with a hoarse voice. I rushed over and hug her as tight as I can without hurting her. Tears fell down my cheeks, "You're alive, you're alive." I whispered under my breath. "Yes. I am You think some nasty fall is gonna be the thing that takes me down? No can do." We smiled. I hear someone behind me clear their throat. I turn to see a doctor behind me. "Sorry ma'am, but we have to check her vitals. "Oh yes, sorry." As Alec and I left the room, I make eye contact with Jenny once more and she flashes me a thumbs up. Maybe this adventure wasn't that bad after all. 

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