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no life

by me | Score: 4950

oncd upon a time thee was a girl who was a talented building laborer. She loves to build buildings and see the proccess of things being changed. One day she went into this one building that ha a creepy push dog inside sitting on the counter. Usually everythug is cleared out so she wonders why there is something here. She picks it up and the dog starts to shake and fly into the air. as its slowly rising she backs up then it turns into a portal and starts sucking everythig into it. She suddenly sees that peole are being sucked into it and she starts t worry. she runs away venturing into a house near by. There she sees a vacumm fly ot as it is sucked out of exstance. she falls to the floor seeing a map as a rug. the maps title says our new world. she freaks out and starts to panic becuase what if this is a sign of the world ending. Frantically she grabs the map and heads outside. everything is flying around her. she sees her work building get picked up and the portal gets bigger to suck it in. she has lost her job, her happy place. Everyone has disappeared the town is silent except for the gusting wind sound of te portal. She knows she is next, the button on her shirt shakes and then one by one they fly off. Then she sees inn the corner of her eye a man. There is someone left! she runs to him h tells hr he is an inventor and if they can get to safety he can help bring everything back to our life. she then ruses in the air and sees she has superpwers. te inventr gave them to her. sh ehars an akarm sound and then she wake up realieig it was a dream.

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