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The wind whipped wild over the seas, crashing waves, salty spittal. Over the groan of the ocean, nothing could be heard. And even if Devin's eyes worked, it was unlikely there was anything for them to see.

A voice, faint and growing fainter, emerged from somewhere to Devin's left. Without their eyes, Devin was lost to it. Might as well search for the devil in all of hell.

A wave crashed down, thrusting Devin into the abyss. Their hands cut through the water, clawing desperately at the liquid as they tried to surface. Air, when it came, was like a sweet kiss. Their face helped by father, cheeks cupped between strong hands. Safe. Warm.

Another wave ripped through her reprieve, casting her back into the dark, though, in truth, everything was dark for her now. Could you suffer vertigo if you had no sight to upend? Would she know which way was up or down in that endless abyss? Did it matter? Her legs kicked, scissoring the water once, twice. They did so without much thought. Her body acted now out of self preservation. If you're not going to save this bloody shell, I will. The impetuousness worked. Her brain kicked back on and with more thought, she put power into her legs and started kicked.

Fearing something might hit her as she clawed her way to the surface (or was she swimming down, sealing her fate as she moved inexorably toward her grave), she commanded her arms back to life and threw them up, first to protect her, then to join the fight. Something small clattered against her hand. Thoughts flooded her. A piece of debris from the wreck. A priceless heirloom belonging to some poor, drowned fool, never to be found again. Like her. A fish. Some curious creature drawn first by the reverberations of the ship's explosion, then, once in sight, intrigued by the inferno. A shark. Confused at first by Devin striking it, but now, having regained its composure and sizing up its prey, it was turning around, racing toward its first kill of the night.

Without thinking, Devin screamed. She could feel the bubbles assault her face, crawling up her nose, her eyes.

She was facing the right direction. At least, that's what she thought it meant to have the bubbles move up. Buoyed by this, she pumped her arms and legs harder. They burned from her fingers to her joints. A pressure like a stiff bored pressed against her back set in and she wondered if her body would give out before she broke the surface.

Her breathe was failing her now. She could feel herself running out air. Lungs burning, she thrashed in the water, hoping, deliriously, that it would somehow propel her to safety. Back into the gentle embrace of the tropical night. Back into the warm hands of life.

Her fingers felt it first. Cool air kissing the tips of her hands. She must have been rising slowly because sometime passed before she gathered enough strength and speed to bring the rest of herself topside. Her clothes, which she had not noticed at all, suddenly felt like a burden 

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