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crying by the fireplace

by fairy | Score: 900

The scars on your arm were fresh and still hurt. They were red and puffy. You put on a sweatshirt and sweatpants after crying in the warm shower for a while after he left. You wanted to leave but wanted to give your child the best life possible with both parents.

He cared a lot about you when he wasn't drunk. You hadn't told him yet and weren't planning to. If he ever found out, you'd be forced to live inside a electric dome.  You were sitting on the bed at 1:45 pm on a rainy, thundery Friday where no matter what you didn't, couldn't stay warm. The baby blue and white cotton fabric was stretched across your stomach and back, you took jagged breaths as your eyes were still tearing from hours earlier. Your phone rang, displaying your husband's name and you picked it up and placed it on mute.

"Hello y/n, a

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